• What is Commentful?

    Commentful is a service that watches comments/follow-ups on Blog posts, Digg submissions, Flickr galleries, and many other types of content. When ever there is an update, i.e a new follow-up, Commentful notifies you instantly
  • What is this 'blinking' all about?

    Commentful comes with a nifty extension for Firefox/Flock that sits silently on the Firefox nav-bar and notifies you of updates by 'blinking'!

    NOTE: The Blinker extension is generated specially for each user, with the user's details embedded inside it for it to work. So you should download and install the extension only from within your account, otherwise it might not work properly. Click here for more information on the blinker installation and usage.
  • How frequently does Commentful check my watchlist for updates

    Commentful checks your watchlist for updates every 10 minutes
  • I am not a Firefox/Flock user, how do I get notified of updates?

    You can always goto the watchlist page in your account and keep track of your urls. Your watchlist page constantly checks for updates and the results appear in realtime
  • What is the maximum period for which a url can be tracked?

    A url can be tracked and kept in the watchlist for a maximum of 365 days after which it expires
  • How many items can I track at a time?

    You can track a maximum of 200 items at a time
  • How often is my watchlist updated?

    Your watchlist is checked for updates every 10 minutes
  • What all type of contents are supported?

    Commentful supports almost all types of blogs Movabltype, Blogger, Wordpress etc. Commentful also has support for vBulleting forum threads. Digg, Flickr, Zooomr etc.. work perfectly with Commentful
  • Help! Commentful isn't tracking my comments page!

    Since there is no standard format for comments, Commentful might find it difficult to work with certain types of content. If you can drop us a mail with details, we'll see if Commentful can be made to work with that particular content
  • How to report a technical issue/bug ?

    Please use the contact to report a technical issue