Commentful gets acquired

Dear friends, fellows and countrymen, I would like to take hold of this opportunity to enlighten you with the information of the quite and secretive acqusition of Commentful by Bloggy Network LLC., early this week. If you might have noticed, the Commentful user interface and some of its functionalities have been revamped past this acquisition.

I am positive that the new owners will take Commentful to the next level and make all the 'blink' lovers happy ! It has been a lot of fun building and making commentful work and I, remorsefully say Bye to you and Commentful. My special thanks to ACS for being a faithful and supportive partner of Commentful.

All the best.
Kailash Nadh

Issues ?

Isn't your Comment v1.4 blinker (Firefox) doesn't blink at all? Well, it is because of a tiny man-made glitch, which has been discovered and patched. Please uninstall your Commentful extn and get a fresh install from your Account area and things should be just fine.


Hello everyone,
Commentful's got updates!

1. Your watchlist can now be syndicated :) RSS feed.
2. The 3 day limit has been raised to 30 days, now thats a relief.

We've got more stuff coming soon..

The new Commentful bookmarket can be found in your "My Account"

Commentful v1.3

Just put Commentful v1.3 extension online. The extension is now for Firefox and Flock (The browser for you and your friends, as they say), don't want your friends to be unhappy :)

1. There has been some major changes in the extension. The Blinker has been moved from the naviagation bar to the statusbar pane. Turned out that majority of the people did not like the blinker in the navbar.

2. Sadly, the blinker doesn't really 'blink' anymore. The orange orb turns green and stays that when when there is an update. Again, most of the people found the blinking to be annoying.

3. Finally and most importantly, you now now disable the Blinker by Right clicking and enable it by doing the same. The orb greys out when disabled.

A lot of people have been complaining of the three day limit, but the good news is that the limits will be raised pretty soon. The three day limit is only for a very short test period.

And for those who are xml-hungry, RSS feeds of the watchlist will be added.

And last but not the least, Commentful checked thousands of sources over 171,2107 times in two weeks!

v1.2 released

Commentful v1.2 Firefox's in place now. Those who are using 1.0, please update your installation. This version comes clear of the compatibility problems Commentful was having with other installed toolbar extensions.

Thank you.


The Commentful launch went smooth and we've been receiving excellent user response.
Mashable and Solution watch have posted excellent reviews and there's quite a buzz going on.

Also, a number of bugs have been fixed and Commentful has been made compatible with not less than a dozen more blogging platforms.

Commentful opens

Its all about blogging these days, everybody blogs and reads blogs. What more, even the NASA blogs!

At times, I find it very difficult to keep track of the comments I post and respond to. When there a dozen blogs where I am expecting replies to my comments, what I generally do is bookmark them all and visit them one by one to check for updates. Very tedious and time consuming indeed.

Good news, here comes Commentful, a highly experimental piece of software that is built to keep track of your comments and follow-ups and notify you of updates. Commentful manages to track comments on popular sources like Digg, Flickr, Zooomer, Youtube etc. and WP blogs, MT blogs or any other blog, you name it!

Since there is no universal standard or format for comments, it is indeed technically very difficult to read/manipulate comments. So Commentful has its own limitations, there are innumerable sources out there which Commentful might not be able to support. So your feedback and tips are very much appreciated and will prove highly useful in improving and stabilising Commentful.

Commentful has been brought to you in association with ACS inc.
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