Commentful is a service that watches comments/follow-ups on Blog posts, Digg submissions, Flickr pictures, and many other types of content. When ever there is an update, such as a new follow-up or comment, Commentful notifies you instantly.

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Here's what Lifehacker says about Commentful:

One of the coolest benefits is Commentful's Firefox extension, which lets you monitor a new collection of comments via right-click, and then notifies you of new comments in your status bar. While Lifehacker offers RSS feeds for all of our comments, the same isn't true of many sites, and either way, I like having the ability to track comments without muddling up my RSS feed subscriptions. I'm in the process of giving it a try on Lifehacker and so far so good, so it seems like this could be a winner. For more Lifehacker-specific comment tracking, watch on who's responded to you with Yahoo Pipes.

After signing up with Commentful, drag the Commentful bookmarklet into your bookmark toolbar, then click it whenever you're on a blog post you 'd like to keep track of. If you don't like tracking your comments through their website, you can also sign up for Commentful RSS feed of all the posts you're keeping track of.

No longer will you need to labor through Lifehacker's stream of comments to keep track of users' love/hate relationship with the new design (or is that like/hate/despise?).

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Commentful is a new service that helps you track comments on Digg stories, YouTube videos, blog entries, MySpace pages and Flickr photos - in fact, virtually anywhere with a comments field. You just create an account and add the URLs you want to track to your watchlist. Better still, install the Commentful Firefox extension - this allows you to add items to your watchlist using the right-click menu and be alerted to new comments via a blinking light in your Firefox toolbar. Personally, I'd prefer a bookmarklet and updates via RSS, but I can see the appeal of instant alerts.

There are a few existing services that do similar things: CoComment is an amazing tool for tracking your own comments and aggregating them in one place. But last time I checked, it was only tracking comments from CoComment users - it's also unable to track threads you haven't participated in. Co.mments, meanwhile, is great for tracking comment threads on social sites and blogs - it also provides a bookmarklet and RSS feeds. For blog owners, Co.mments offers a "track with co.mments" button to add to your posts and feeds (it's essentially a "Digg This" button for comments).

Commentful is neat if you need immediate updates, but personally I prefer to receive comment notifications via RSS. And if the aim is to attract the less-geeky market, then perhaps email updates would be a nice addition.